Aptus Plant Tech USA is the proud American-owned provider of Aptus products to North America giving end users access to the highest quality commercially researched agricultural technologies in the world.

Nations across the earth are experiencing the negative effects of decades of synthetic fertilizer and pesticide usage. Salt build-up creates harmful runoff into our groundwater, pesticide residue is on much of our produce, and our food lacks the nutritional value it contained only a few decades ago.

Aptus technologies were developed in an effort to fix these problems short term and long term by creating highly available forms of nutrients.

The Aptus brand has continued to expand gradually in the United States since entering years ago as the social consciousness drifts towards more quality, responsible, and contaminant free plant inputs for your high value crops.

The Aptus rise to prominence is built on True Plant Science, which extends into our philosophy, our technologies, and our approach. The result is growers experiencing quality, efficiency, and cost savings alike.

Aptus Philosophy

We strive for excellence in everything we do. This applies to products, client service and quality of our public image and beliefs. Our three core brand pillars are:

Education – Everything we do begins with proper education. We focus on maximizing a plant’s genetic potential through natural, science-based nutrition technologies. Our chief desire is to create a community of growers who understand why they achieve great quality and yields.

Quality – We are constantly vigilant of the quality of our ingredients, distribution channels, and staff. Growers can be confident that their plants receive no harmful inputs from Aptus products—only the highest quality inputs suffice.

Value – All of our products are designed to maximize the end user’s value experience. The high concentration of our nutrient formulas mean low per use cost and minimal waste. Growers typically achieve better quality and higher yields for what they put in utilizing Aptus products.