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About Startboost

Startboost along with Fasilitor is a foundation product of the Aptus Premium Collection range. Aptus Plant Tech scours the world for the finest quality raw ingredients to make up our Premium Collection range of products. The leonardite used to make Startboost is only of the highest quality available. Leonardite is a mined natural source of humic material found within the earth.

Startboost Education

Humic substances have a positive effect on plant physiology by influencing nutrient uptake and root system interactions with the planting medium. Through interactions with various compounds in the soil, countless complexes are formed from organic and mineral components. From the formation of these complexes, compounds may dissolve, mobilize, and transport products throughout the medium. It is these sets of complex-interactions with humic substances that provide soil health, structure, and ultimately benefit to the plant growing above.

How To Use Startboost

Add Startboost to your reservoir every feeding during the entire vegetative phase and into the first week of flowering.

Dosage Instructions

  • Use throughout the vegetative phase of growth at the rate of 1ml per gallon
  • Use as a supplement for new cuttings and seedlings at the rate of up to 8ml per gallon
  • Use at 35ml per gallon as a root dip for rooted cuttings before planting into your medium of choice